Instagram Gifts? How to Open Instagram Gifts and What are the Eligibility Criteria’s? By Digital Gaurav

Instagram Gifts? How to Open Instagram Gifts and What are the Eligibility Criteria’s?

         Good day my dear Friends, today again we will discuss about the most trending application worldwide, and this App is “Instagram”. Instagram is a platform where you can show your talent to world by perform with own interest’s content shared with your targeted audience very easily, our today’s discussed topic is not Instagram because we already talked about Instagram before in previous blogs many times but this time, we will discuss about Instagram’s New feature which is Instagram Gifts.

Instagram Gifts

Instagram Gifts is a newly launched feature by Instagram for their users to enjoy the platform and earn as well or appreciates by the audience for them a creator makes reels. Instagram allow this feature for your reels only, because influencers, creators, business and video bloggers etc. are putting their efforts in reels and it will come in trend easily.

How Instagram Gifts works?

-     Instagram Gifts works only on your reels and you will get gifts as an appreciation for your content by your targeted audience.
-     Audience can send the gifts to creators by purchasing stars.
-    Then the creator will get the payout on monthly basis of revenue received on your reels equals to $0.1 for a star by Instagram.

Eligibility Criteria for Instagram Gifts

-          Age must be 18 Years or above.

-         Creator or User must have 1000 followers.

-         User shouldn’t violate any policy of Instagram.


How to Open Instagram Gifts?

-          Open Instagram App.

-          Go to your Profile and tap on Professional Dashboard.

-          Scroll Down and You will get the Instagram Gifts Option.

-          Follow the instructions and here your Gifts option will get opened.

Here your Gifts Option will get opened on your Instagram Profile. Additionally, I will let you know about the gifts Options You can turn on or off the Gift on your any reel if you want.


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