How to connect Whatsapp in PC or Laptop? Step by Step Guide by The Gauravv

WhatsApp! We all know that now a dayz, WhatsApp is very popular Messaging app. WhatsApp helps you for sending Text, Audios, Media Files and Documents worldwide in seconds with an individual or group. WhatsApp will helps you to do talk over call or video call with individual or in a group. 

I know you are using your WhatsApp in your mobile phone but you are here to know how can you run your WhatsApp in your PC or Laptop. So don't be worried about it because today I will let you guys know how you can see your WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop. I would like to let you know that you can use your WhatsApp in PC or Laptop, you can send text, files, documents expect doing calls or video calls. 

Two Way's how to setup your WhatsApp in PC or laptop 

1. WhatsApp Desktop App

2. Use your Browser to use WhatsApp. 

Step by Step Guide:-

1. WhatsApp desktop App. 

(I) Open any browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox or Safari) 

(II) Go to or

(III) Download WhatsApp for your windows according to your Windows. 

(IV) And you are now ready to use WhatsApp.

2. Use your Browser to use WhatsApp

(I) Open your Browser. 

(II) Go to

(III) Open WhatsApp in your phone. 

(IV) Click on Three dots on Top right corner. 

(V) Press Linked device, then scan the QR code in your PC. 

(VI) now you are good to use WhatsApp in your PC or Laptop. 

Please note 📝: we are able to use or connect only 4 PC's in single time. 

So now use your WhatsApp in your PC or Laptop. 


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