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Today we will talk on Instagram new feature. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform. People will enjoy this platform with different sources like Posts, Videos, Reels, Stories and Live on Instagram. Now Instagram launched a new feature which will help you engage with with your friends and followers you followed and close friends. 


This New Feature Named: Notes 📝 on Instagram helps you share your thoughts with your followed or followers people and close friends. This will help to connect and engage  with your friends and family on daily basis. 

How to Share a Note on Instagram: 


👉 To create a Note Click on Direct Tab on Top right Corner on the Home Page or Feed. 

👉 Click on Notes Option on Top in Direct tab. (You can share here what's on your Mind, day to day quotes according to your niches and what people love to hear from you)

👉 On Below you can choose with whom you would like to share with?

First option: Followers you Follow you back. 

Second Option: Close Friend. 

Now you can easily share your notes on Instagram. 

How to delete a note? 

👉 Normally, first Follow  the steps Above and Select The Note. 

👉 You can Leave a New Note or Delete a Note. 


❇️ You can share 60 characters Note. 

❇️ This is note available to everyone now. 

I hope you like the information and share it with your friends and family. 


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