Snapchat Login: How to Create account on Snapchat? by The Gaurav

Snapchat Login: How to Create account on Snapchat? by The Gaurav

Social Media changes everyone's life nowadays. All are busy on social media. Social Media is Good in many aspects like many people doing so many activities and earn good money. Some likes to get popular so use social media to get popular. 

Today we will talk on one of the well known social media app Snapchat. If we talk about it we remember it from it's various Cool Camera Filters and Location Feature of it. You Can make friends on it and chat with them on Snapchat. 

If this is that much exciting so so we should have account on it. Today i will tell you how can you easily make your account on Snapchat from your Smart Phone.

Here are the steps below:- 

⦁     First of all you should have to download the Snapchat app for iOS or Android.

Open the app.

Click on Sign Up button to create a new account.

Now you have enter your name and click on Sign Up & Accept. 

Enter your date of birth.

Create a username and now your account is good to go. 

Now you can easily use Snapchat and text with our friends and send snapshots with your family and friends. Just use password which remember when you need it while login. 

So Happy Snapshotting now ! 

Bye Bye Take Care. 


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