How to download Google Maps in PC by The Gaurav

Maps all we are using to plane routes, journeys, to visit religious places, to plane holidays etc. So that we can save our time and money. When we are planing for trips or to go anywhere we plane with google maps. 

Google Maps is one of the best map service provider. It provides information of all over the world, countries, cities, places, etc. It will gives you brief info about one city to other city with Directions menu you can check any place distances. We can easily get this app in our mobile. But here the question arise is if we have to check it with Google Maps in our personal computer so there is no app. 

How Can we download Google Maps in PC? 

The heading clears you here that we can talk today on how to Download  Google Maps in Pc. So let's get started with the steps below :- 

  • You have to open Google Chrome in the PC, 
  • Open or Search on Google about Google Maps. 
  • Click on Google Maps if you search or if you can visit Google Maps then you are already there. 
  • When you Opened the Google Maps, On the top right corner you will find Google Maps Download option. 

So here the problem solved with this issue. Let's follow us and keep sharing the blog so that everyone is aware about this. 


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