if You Want to Hard Reset your Android Phone ANd see No Command Option by The Gaurav

Hi Friends, Today we will Discuss About No command Problem while Resetting The phone. For eg.  You are trying to Hard Reset the phone And Suddenly you see No Command option now what we do so that's why we are here.   

No worries today we will solve it and it will 100% work on most of the phones if any phone it will not working with kindly share with us in comments or in mail, Because every Phone Manufacturer have many other Option. 


Why These Option Shows you on the Screen When You are Resetting Your Phone. Definitely We Should Know Why These Shows to us. So There is not a biggest Reason Behind it. It's Just a Command to Further Proceed for Next Step for Your Recovery Phone Mode. This Only Want a command to proceed to your Recovery Mode. 

So Let's start with The steps: 

✔️ First, you have to Press Power Button To Power off your Phone.  

✔️ Then Press Power Button and Volume + (from which you increase the volume) . 

✔️ Then You see Recovery Mode, Select it and With Power Button. 

These is the normally hard Reset Option 

But here we are talking about No Command Problem so Here you See No Command Error.  

When you See No Command Error 

Then your Steps Will be:- 

✔️ Press and Hold Power Button. 

✔️ Press Volume + button Once. 

✔️ Here You Can Use Other Buttons as well Like The Combination of Power Button+ Volume UP + Home Button,  OR Power Button+ Volume Down Button OR Power Button+ Home +Volume Down Button (THESE ARE ONLY ALTERNATIVES as Per your Mobile Company

✔️ Press Button At Least For 5-10 seconds (Leave buttons Mostly When You Heard Sound of Vibration). 

✔️ Then You see Wipe Data/ Factory Data Reset Option Here 

⚠️ Please Be Noted Volume up and Down Button For Navigate options and Use Power Button for Select the Option or for Ok. 

✔️ Then Select Wipe All Data, Click on Confirm on Next Page

✔️ Then Click Reboot To System and Congratulations Your Phone get Hard Reset.  

Which Steps I Told you above are for Hard Reset of Your Phone Is Simple Manner,  So You Can use Them as Simple Hard Reset Option, So  If you want to Reset The Phone You can also Use These Steps 

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